Research and development, creating blueprints

“Growing like cells, connected to each other, sharing our experiences new communities can be included in the system, which can provide for energy to each other, can do barters, can try individual systems of financial settlements, so balance each other. In this way the many small pilot projects make one operating system covering large geographical areas.” Pilot projects – Thought experiment

Founding ENVIENTA organization - Canary Islands (Spain)
Land offering and support from the local government
Launching workgroups and social media channels
Network Society World Congress - Torino (Italy)

The Network Society World Congress is about the decentralization and distribution of the fundamental pillars of the nation state and the consequences for economic activity and social organization. Leading speakers analyze the technologies that are at the basis of this fundamental shift. Debate strategies need to adapt to the unstoppable changes that are rapidly arriving.

Publishing the guidebook: ENVIENTA - Alternative lifestyle

In this document’s first part we’re introducing the ENVIENTA project. In the second chapter we’re examining the widespread opportunities for individuals, communities, educational institutions, local governments, cooperating business partners and investors to participate in the project.


Launching ENVIENTA education and internship program

ENVIENTA offer a crucial pathway to future employment and experience for the next generation of community leaders and innovators. Through this ongoing program, we’re collaborating with certain schools to give students more opportunities and to develop their skills.


Commons Collaborative Economies Conference - Barcelona (Spain)

This event was focusing on commons-oriented peer production and the collaborative economy, centred on producing public policy proposals and technical guidelines for building software platforms for collaborative communities, and it drew a huge and diverse crowd.

Launching the News Channel

Magazine for sustainability enthusiasts strive to learn about exponential technologies in order to create open source P2P cooperatives in the next economy.


The new image symbolizes an integrated approach, and network connectivity between the open source and other self-sustaining communities.

Launching Eco Logical Films

Eco Logical Films Channel for sustainability enthusiasts. Learn more about green projects and innovations.
Powered by Envienta.

Open Source Circular Economy Days conference and workshop series - Budapest (Hungary)

OSCEdays is an open, distributed and globally connected event. Experts, enthusiasts and innovators from across the globe work together in order to exchange ideas and solutions – prototyping systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

Gyüttment Festival - Oszkó (Hungary)

Gyüttment Festival is something like the Hungarian equivalent of Burning Man (USA). ENVIENTA provides a platform here to connect people in order to extract the potential within, giving way to a new reality. It combines a sustainable lifestyle with high-end open source technologies.

AON - World of Work Moonshot - Budapest (Hungary)

How to prepare for the effects of a technological explosion in the world of work? Will the time of prosperity come when we do not have to work because of robots and automation, or we have to face with enormous unemployment and greater inequality as a result? ENVIENTA has the answers.

Preparations for the ENV Initial Coin Offerings

On the way to a new society
… or why is it worth investing in ENVIENTA ICO?

Developing Kollabor Innovation Hub and Makerspace

Kollabor is a community playground, science center, pedagogical innovation place. Our goals: education, publication and sharing of knowledge, inspiration, community building, value creation.

Social-Digital Innovation Initiative

The ENVIENTA project was selected into a non-profit, non-equity, independent development program for social projects using tech; with a modular offering designed flexibly to fit any local context. The Social-Digital Innovation Initiative (SDI) is committed to creating a world where social solutions use technologies meaningfully, are impact driven, sustainable and benefit and belong to those who create them.

World Summit - Playa Del Carmen (Mexico)

The World Summit is gathering changemakers, groups and organisations from all over the globe with the aim of uniting us all, beyond our individual agendas to workshop and feedback real world solutions and bypass the current social, political and economic systems that divide us all.

Hack the water crisis - Cape Town (South Africa)

“There are only 95 days left before we reach Day Zero.” — Cape Town council made a statement in its release on January 15th, 2018. “The Day Zero, when the city is forced to shut down the majority of taps, will arrive on April 21st, 2018.” With the participation of ENVIENTA, an international coalition was set up to address the crisis.

Developing EcoHouse

Introducing EcoHouse, which can be built in a few days for much less than an average home. As an intelligent home, it has an automatic ventilation system, it can detect the exhausted air or close the windows also when it is raining. It is monitoring and controlling the temperature, optimizing the consumption of the electronic devices and sending reports to the owner. Additionally, there is a built-in smart garden system.

Collaborating with local makerspaces

ENVIENTA Hungary organises the Do It Yourself Festival offering a great opportunity to present the “maker culture” and its experience the joy of DIY. The secondary goal is to organise a project addressing local affairs through which the local participants will be enabled to work together and feel the community achievement.

ICO private sale
Launching the platform alpha

Start collaborating with others and collecting followers together right away, while showing your project details and updates. Once a prototype has been made, anyone can modify or download its blueprints for free under Creative Commons license.

EcoHouse alpha

Launching Kollabor Innovation Hub and Makerspace
Hack the water crisis hackathon series in 12 major cities

In collaboration with P2P Foundation, Stop Reset & Go, oscedays.org and many others, ENVIENTA will continue to serve the growing needs for an ultimate open source hardware blueprint storage. These solutions can help to solve serious issues regarding to climate change and regenerative living.

Collaboration with universities and research labs

The platform starts to receive thousands of open source product blueprints for prototyping.

Providing a well-scalable manufacturing capacity

ENVIENTA is bulding partnerships with makerspaces to extend their business model with local manufactiring.

End of ICO private sale
Whitelist opens
ICO Pre-sale
ICO Crowdsale
EcoHouse beta

Building the first innovation hub and startup incubator for global activities

Starting the platform based production and distribution

Platform beta on testnet

Launching the marketplace

The platform marketplace will be able to monetize the uploaded contents.

Platform iOS and Android mobile app

Platform 1.0 on Ethereum network